Jessica | Bastrop Senior


I love when a Momma comes with a vision. We unfortunately had to reschedule this session because of rain, and we missed our Texas bluebonnet window….BUT, Jessica’s Mom came with a vision, and it was amazing.

Prom dress, softball field and a gorgeous girl that has a bit of a Miranda Lambert edge, if you ask me. Jessica was fierce but sweet and I had so much fun hanging out with her during her session. I was super blessed to have my sister-in-law in town that weekend and she helped me out so much. I wish my new friend Jessica well at Baylor where she plans to go after graduation.

Corinne and Vivian | Outdoor Cake Smash


Cake! We love cake! Well, they loved cake after Mom decided to hide their yogis in it. The girls are so cute and I am so blessed to have known them their whole lives. I can’t wait to watch them grow. Their brother Bennett is such a good big brother. He got right in there to help teach them to eat the cake with their face. Life lessons. Happy birthday girls!!


Winter is a Senior, and his sister turned 15!

I had such a fun hour with Winter and Kaitlyn yesterday evening. What a great couple of kids. Alyssa contacting me quite awhile ago to take advantage of my senior minis, but with all the rain this year, we had a heck of a time making that happen. It honestly worked out just like it was supposed to. I got to meet sweet Kaitlyn, and on her birthday no less! I can’t wait to work with this family again, soon.